Your Complete Southern Hemisphere Ground Segment Solution

  • Your Complete Southern Hemisphere Ground Segment Solution

SpaceOps NZ provides unique Southern Hemisphere access to your LEO, MEO, GEO, Near Space and Deep Space mission.

Let us host your antenna at Awarua Satellite Ground Station. Alternatively, we can lease you time on our antennas to support your mission.

Awarua Satellite Ground Station is an important location in the world that is great for supporting LEO satellites, especially spacecraft in polar orbits—we are the most southern ground station in Pacific Ocean Region at 46.5°S and Awarua is the first station with spacecraft visibility on the western side of the Pacific Ocean at 168°E.

  • Extremely low elevation horizon mask (less than 1.8° natural elevation in any direction)
  • Very affordable and very accessible radio spectrum—there are no landing fees so downlinking at UHF, S, X and Ka-Bands is free, and transmitting licences costs $USD 75.00 per year; all the radio bands are uncrowded (even S-Band, where we are the prime service) and there is no EMI
  • We have fully diverse internet access to Asia and America, with individual circuit speeds of up to 100 Gbps
  • We have world-class engineers on station supporting our activities.

Going to the Moon and beyond? Use on our 30 metre X-Band antenna at Warkworth Space Centre to support your Near Space and Deep Space missions.

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