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  • About Awarua

The North Pole is a great site for ground stations supporting your LEO missions, but it’s very busy!

Arranging a pass there that will be interference free is a challenge. We can’t yet offer you the South Pole, but at 46.5° South we can offer you then next best thing. Welcome to the home of horizon-to-horizon radio quiet.

We can help you establish your own permanent or temporary antennas and electronics on over 4 ha of land to take advantage of our facilities especially designed for LEOP ground stations. Alternatively, lease time on one of our antennas.

The horizon mask for all antenna sites is less than 2° elevation and in most directions is less than 1.5° elevation. The existing land-use consent allows for antennas up to 11 metres. Larger antennas can be accommodated.

Greet each new day from Awarua Satellite Ground Station

At the end of the world, near the start of the Southern Ocean, Awarua is in a prime location to support your LEO, MEO and GEO missions.

Typical field of view for Awarua SGS

Typical ground-track for ascending passes

Typical ground-track for descending passes

Radio Spectrum

Awarua’s low population density and remote location mean that the radio noise floor is very low and managing the radio spectrum is straightforward. Awarua SGS’ special regulatory privileges mean that it’s easy to enjoy probably the cheapest S-Band spectrum in the world. Obtaining access to the VHF and UHF bands is easy. All the other bands are available without difficulty.

Radio transmitting licences must be held by a New Zealand entity for regulatory purposes. SpaceOps NZ will obtain and hold your licence. Licences can normally be secured within six weeks. A receiving licence is not necessary and there are no landing fees. New Zealand is in ITU Region 3.